About Me*


Hello new friends of my blog! my name is Liv, I come from a small town in south-western Canada, so no big cities for me! but anyways, what you will find in my blog is music that I love, recipes that I've tried, a TON of Fashion, random crafts, and miscellaneous stories about me and my life.

First I would like to show you my best friends in the entire world <3

Needless to say they are there for me, night and day, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Next off, I would like to show you my family... they are well, unique. it's never a boring day in my house. This concludes Me, my sisters (Andrea and Alyssa), my mom and dad, my 4 cats (Pussywillow, Truffles,  and Luna), 2 birds (Sunrise and Sunset), and 1 dog (Lilou).

I recently had a brand new addition to our family, his name is Noah Michael and he is the most precious baby in the world. 



1. I am an animal lover <3 all types of animals, I accept everyone for who they are. 
2. My favourite drink in the world is Tea.
3. I love projects- any kind, but especially crafts, or sewing projects.
4. No one can make me laugh harder in this world then Melissa.
5. My future plans are to be a successful fashion designer, and have a family of my own.

In the summer there is nothing I like more than relaxing on the beach, listening to my ipod, or reading a book, and after a hot day in the sun, some evening shopping and dinner with friends- make a perfect summer day! :)

Fav Band: Rascal Flatts
Fav Movie: Gone With The Wind
Fav Restaurant: Olive Garden
Fav Drink: Tea
Fav Season: Fall
Fav Holiday: Christmas
Fav TV Shows: Criminal minds, The Walking Dead, and Sex and the City

So this concludes my "about me" page. I hope you all enjoy my blog, welcome to my life! :)