Friday, July 29, 2011

tie dye me pretty

One of my BFF's Toni Marie is throwing a Woodstock themed party, which I am totally pumped about, I love theme parties and I always become so geeked about them! naturally with less than a month away I would be planning my ensemble. (of course!) So what's a better costume then doing tie dye! HELLO!! I know I've done tie dye when I was little, but I remember nothing what so ever. Me and the girls ventured to Walmart to pick up a kit. After going over and over the instructions we finally mad our shirts, and I think they turned out pretty damn good!

First we had to pick out the design of tie dye we wanted, then crinkle the shirt.
 Next we mixed the dyes (Notice the subtle blur in the background, that would be little Lucy)
 Then we just sprinkled the dyes over the shirts.
 After a run through the wash, we have FINISHED PRODUCT :)

Sorry I haven't blog that much lately, there are so many things coming up, so stay tuned, also my OB appointment is Aug.2 so we get to find out what the sex of the baby is, so excited :D

Monday, July 25, 2011

Picnic with the ladies

Last weekend we decided to have a nice realizing time in a gorgeous park, and a somewhat beautiful beach. We started our day with a picnic in Kingsville This park is outrageously huge, with gorgeous trees swaying in the wind and an awesome playground for children (which came in handy for the little ones). We had a nice Subway lunch (it's the modern day picnic basket) then we ventured off to the beach to find it contaminated! Obviously we could not swim but we walked along the shoreline while little Lucy built sandcastles. Because of course it had to be a scorching hot day, Sarah welcomed us into her home for a nice refreshing swim. We ended our perfect day with ice cream at a local ice cream shop. Yummy!

I suggest everyone has a day just like this in the summer. Absolutely perfect <3

In these photos: Sarah, Lucy, Mandi, Mom, Me and Toni.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Obsession.

So last week I posted a thread for Threadsence, after going through every single item on the website I am now in love completely <3 It's all indie clothing, and there Summer's End Collection is to die for! The prices aren't that bad either. After processing a payment on my visa I had room to buy one item, I chose an amzing tote bag (shown below) that I can't wait to receive in the mail!

Journey's End Tote Bag: Coral red tote purse with a variety of pockets and zippers to ensure the right amount of space to carry all of your essentials. Cute cupcake print lining the inside.

On the Bright Side Coral Headband: Jersey knit head wrap in a vibrant coral color. Has a slight stretch in all of the fabric for a comfortable fit.

Little Rascal Flats: Espadrille flats with blue and ivory stripes along a canvas material. Braided tan trim along the sole with a softly padded insole.

Wanna see more from Threadsence? Click Here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The art of Sushi

Long time no talk blog world! sorry for my short absence, I'm now on a later shift at work, and it's gotten me completely worn out by the time I get home. Yesterday however, I had a relaxing day off. First we started  the day by having a delish Subway picnic in a beautiful park in Kingsville, then made our way to a small cozy beach (which unfortunately the water was contaminated, and we could not swim) But thank god for pools! To end the evening with a wonderful meal, Mandi taught me the art of sushi making. It really wasn't as her as I expected, perhaps watching a tutorial on Youtube would teach you better, but here are some pictures we captured in the moment. :) enjoy!

So this concludes the sushi making, the best part about it, is I didn't mess up one roll! Definitely was a big accomplishment making this sushi. I encourage you all to try it, it\s a lot of fun, get all your girl friends together and just have a fun sushi making night! Well that's all for now...oh and stay tuned for pictures from the breach and picnic! I love the summer :)

we definitely made an indent on the sushi! SUSHI EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

Edge of the Sun

I want to share this fantastic new Summer lookbook from ThreadSence, called Edge of the Sun. Click here to see the full lookbook, or just watch the video below.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY: Fringe Tee

So I recently found a new Canadian made website, full of local fashionistas: The best part about it it they have a section devoted to DIY. I feel in love with this project, and I do intend to do it. It comes from the blog My Vintage Secret, she has tons of cute stuff on here! Definitely recommend you all to check it out.

DIY: Fringe T-Shirt

The process sounds actually quite easy to follow. I may even be able to do it.

What You Need:

  • One tshirt
  • Fringe

1. Pin on the fringe or other trim of your choice
2.  Sew directly on making sure the fringe doesn’t go under the needle. One thing to note is that if you’re using a sewing machine make sure the tension is loose otherwise the fringe will get sucked up.
    Want more DIY projects? Visit My Vintage Secret.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

16 weeks and counting.

So as the days go on an my tummy grows more round all I can do is think about December when the baby arrives. My life will change so much! Not only can I online shop for myself, I have a mini vogue model that will soon pop out! I'm so excited. Although I'm afraid my child may be slightly spoiled, especially if it's a little girl. I was flipping through a Mark magazine today and saw little tiny earrings, I was quite hesitant and almost wrote them on my list, but I won't get ahead of myself were not even sure of the sex yet.

Aside of my non-stop puking spree that's seems to be lasting a countless amount of hours, I must say have this little peanut inside me is a one of a kind feeling. Just today I was lying down and moved my leg a certain way I could feel the whole baby inside my tummy, and although it's still early sometimes I can feel a little flutter. It really is magical.

My very FIRST appointment (yes, I know it's late) Is on Monday Phil and I have been trying to come up with a number of questions to ask my OB. I have heard of a few things they may poke at- not thrilled about. But we should be able to hear the baby's heart beat. All so exciting. Anyways that's all for today. Goodnight blog world.

Friday, July 1, 2011

a new addition: 15 weeks

Do I have a story to tell you! So, as you may know my first OB appointment is July 11, my FIRST... which I wasn't really sure why it was so late to being with because I'm already in my second trimester- but anyway we will get back to that. The daddy (Phil) lives a few hours away from here so I only see him every coupe of weeks, and unfortunately he has not been able to make it to any of my doctor callings so far. So, we had called to schedule our first REAL ultrasound for July 11, which would be fine but I need a referral form from my family doctor. While waiting 3 hours to see him, not only is he "shocked" that my first OB appt was so far away (which he scheduled) but he said you should have had an ultrasound between 11-14 weeks- which might I add this one was the most important where they can tell if the baby is healthy. At the time I had been 13 weeks and 5 days, he says "you need an ultrasound tomorrow"

I called from Windsor to Kingsville, all places were book, last resort was the hospital. After rushing to the hospital the next morning the lady says they are booked until the end of July, after explaining the whole story to her boss she was reluctant to say OK we can fit you in you will just have to wait a bit, which I did not mind.

After being called in the ultrasound lady says, you are 15 weeks and 6 days we will not be able to do the appropriate tests. I wanted to scream. I didn't know better this is my first child! I figured my doctor would book everything I need the referral anyways! I did do research online and I saw that it did say my first ultrasound was 11-14 weeks, I had a dating ultrasound a month before and figured that would take it's place because I wasn't aware of what it was for.

When the doctor told me that I wanted to climb over the desk and jab him with a pen- held back of course. Needless to say ladies, if you are expecting don't make the mistakes I did.