Monday, September 6, 2010

Luna Skky...

So I recently got a new kitty, he name is Luna Skky. She gets pretty crazy sometimes, but she's a ball of fun. Now the unesscessary attacking of my feet at 3am...definately could live without.

I also have a loveable pup name Lilou, she is full of character and thinks she's a cat which is fine..although when she trys to squeeze under the couch..well it doesn\t go so well.

thirdly, I have another cat he is 17 his name is Pussywillow. he's a grump, but I love him the same.

and last but not least we have the birds, Sunrise and Sunset, they are love birds that couldn't be happier.

enjoy the pics!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopaholic? Me?

So the supposive "man of my dreams" had a breaking point a week ago, which left me plopped on my bed in a depression for four days--that still I can't sink out of. The only thing worth doing to give me some happiness is to do online shopping- which I always had a strong addiction to. Now, you must know that everytime I go into what I so call "my depressions" the only cure is for me to blow my moolah on meaningless must-haves.

I sometimes feel like I cannot control my shopping splures, I work at a dead end job that is really brining me no-where, and the pay is not that much...To my expenses at least! It's not a horrible job, but I feel like I can get so much more out of my life, and being here is just a safety net, I guess im just to scared to take risks for what I want, I like the security of having a pay check every two weeks.

Anyways enough about the job-- here are some items I bought in my recent depression.

1. First picture I have my new bejewled belly button ring! it sparkles like a dream!
2. The second picture you will see is some makeup; face and eye primer, by Mark. Cheek Stamp by Mark. and Seeweed Bubble Bath by Mario Badescu.
3. And last, wehave my lovely Cowboy boots...which we of course.. much needed! purchased online at Forever21

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How I met the blog.

My name is Liv. My oldest friend Mandi introduced me to my blog. So i guess for the first blog I should share a bit about myself. Well, I live in a small town that has it's beauty sometimes. I am very family oriented, I love them needless to say  and I have an assortment of pets, I will introduce them to you late in my blogs. My dream is to be a fashion designer..although I don't have the sewing part down pat, I am learning, and hopefully in the near future I will share my designs. Right now I guess I am just stuck in the middle of catching my dreams and having them. 

I think I am at a stand still in my life that I am no quit sure how to change just yet.. I need my life to fit me.