Saturday, September 4, 2010

How I met the blog.

My name is Liv. My oldest friend Mandi introduced me to my blog. So i guess for the first blog I should share a bit about myself. Well, I live in a small town that has it's beauty sometimes. I am very family oriented, I love them needless to say  and I have an assortment of pets, I will introduce them to you late in my blogs. My dream is to be a fashion designer..although I don't have the sewing part down pat, I am learning, and hopefully in the near future I will share my designs. Right now I guess I am just stuck in the middle of catching my dreams and having them. 

I think I am at a stand still in my life that I am no quit sure how to change just yet.. I need my life to fit me.

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  1. miss Olivia... i LOVE this picture of you.... you look beautiful!!!