Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The day has finally arrived, I've been so pumped for Halloween all month. Unfortunately, not feeling the greatest today (not really different from any other day) But I'm gunna suck it up! No way I'm sleeping through this holiday! My mom and I were talking this morning on how there talk of changing the date of Halloween! UM HELLO, you can't just change the date of holidays that have been around for centuries, traditions year after year, definitely do NOT have my vote on that one. But onto a happier note, I have rounded together some Halloween costumes past to share, this year I will not be dressing up due to the fact I have not been ambitious enough to gather/make a costume. So I will just envy costumes past :)

One of my friends posted this a few weeks ago, this is all of us, the last year we went trick or treating!
(Grade 8 I believe)
 This is from last year, I was a pirate, costume from Ebay.
 Me slaying sailor moon, skirt was a DIY project I did last year!
 This was when I was living in Montreal, 3 years ago now.

 This was 4 years ago, hard to believe! Started with Halloween at a friends house in London.
 Then on actual Halloween, the girls and I went downtown for some drinks and entertainment.

Tonight We just plan on spending the evening at home, giving out candy, moms making a yummy chili dinner, we carved pumpkins last night, may do a few more today, I've already dipped into the candy this morning!!! Could not wait! I hope you all have a very fun and safe halloween :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A fall wedding

So as you know yesterday was Lauren's wedding. Everything was gorgeous! I think everything pretty much went as planned, no catastrophe's! Lauren looked absolutely stunning! And Mike looked quite dapper as well. The hall was done up in purple and gold, and pumpkins everywhere! Cutest thing ever! I had a lot of fun, the food was good, I got to slow dance with Phil again which is always so amazing, I love slow dancing, call me old fashioned but I think it's so romantic <3

Here's bits and pieces from the beautiful day/night!

Excuse my camera, it's goes blurry on me :( The beautiful Lauren and her Daddy walking down the isle
 Gorgeous table setting, and cute pumpkin centre piece!
 The thank you's were individual pumpkin pies! (LOVE!)
 3 Tiered Cake, the cake topper was handmade of Lauren and Mike as scarecrows!

 Homemade caramel apples!
 Pumpkin centre pieces!!!
 Me and Phil of course! I love his blue eyes in this picture :)
 Bride and Groom cutting the cake! (Tradition of course!)
 I just love this picture of the bride and groom towards the end of the night...

It was so cute, the bridal party came out to "The Monster Mash" and they all had different dance moves- it really gave a twist to start of he night. The father-daughter dance was adorable, it started off with a traditional love song, then half way through they broke out and did the Twist! So much fun! Once Lauren posts her pictures, maybe I show you guys if she lets me of nice close ups of how beautiful she looked that day!

So that concludes my Saturday this weekend. Tons of fun in a beautiful dress with a handsome boy <3


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baking: Halloween Recipes

So of course, going back to my fav online baking website:, as I mentioned before they have different sections for every holiday. I encourage you all to check it out! Here are just some ideas that look fabulous to me! Happy baking :)

Happy Halloween!

Want to see more? Visit

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A pup named Lilou

Seems like I've been blogging a lot about the cats lately I want to finally introduce all of you to my pup Lilou. Shes an Australian Sheep dog mixed with a lab. She give the cutest facial expressions, and she thinks shes a cat. She protects every cat she sees it's really to cute. So here's my lu.

Lilou as a puppy

 Lilou now (well last Christmas) I just love this picture!

So that's it for the animal posts this week. I have a busy weekend coming up. Phil's coming down this weekend, and it's Lauren's wedding on Saturday, not going to lie I'm extremely excited to get dressed up! It will be a nice night out for me an Phil. AND don't forget!! HALLOWEEN on Monday!!! I have the day off!!! :)

Well talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The end of an era...

I have sad news. A few days ago, we were forced to give away the remainder of the kittens, two of which to someone we don't even know! we were all so upset, but since dad was sick of them we had to give them away, they seemed to have gone to a good home though. But I would feel much better if they went to someone I know if going to treat them with love and respect. The house is kind of sad now, and definitely feels empty, not little pitter-patter of paws in the middle of the night, or kittens climbing up my leg while having my morning coffee. Most of all it breaks my heart to see Luna, I think shes taking it the hardest, it seems like she keeps looking for her babies, and the other day she was actually cleaning lily! Even though lily was once a baby he's twice the size of her now! So this week has not had a good start so far. :(  Here's a little reminiscing, goodbye babies :(

On a side note, last week I had my OB appt (every 2 weeks now) my last official day of work is November 4th! I and so excited, a week and a half to go! Thank god- because I can't sit in those chairs anymore, my back pain is slowly creeping up my spine :(

Well have a good night everyone :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My princess and some kittens

While trying to play animal vogue with my babies, I only got a few good shots.

Kittens and Pearls
 Miss Luna staring outside
Aren't they pretty?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Dreaming of Coats...

I am in so need of a new fall\winter jacket! It's getting cold, and nothing fits over my belly :(. I want to refrain from buying anything extremely huge or in the maternity section, so after I have the baby I can still wear it, without it looking strange. I'm going to have to o on a coat hunt, reasonable prices and reasonable sizes. Here are some very pretty coats with the new winter/fall collection from some of my fav online shopping sites.

OK, so I know this one won't keep me very warm... but oh so pretty! (NastyGal)
 This one however, should keep me and baby nice a toasty :) (NastyGal)
 Love the purple in this coat and the collar is adorable! (Betsey Johnson)
 This one would be more for fall, love the indie look! (Threadsence)
 I like this one, very practical and looks warm enough for the winter! (Threadsence)
NASTYGAL                                          BETSEY JOHNSON                                  THREADSENCE

October Scrapbook Crop

Here are the photo's from last weekends crop :) Hope they give some inspiration to you scrapbookers out there!

I forgot some pictures at home, so I didn't end up getting done as much as I wanted too. Anyways. That's all for now :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a few thoughts...

I have just been racking my brain with everything we still have to do before the baby comes! geez. I don't even know where to start. I have to do some "repairs" for our apartment- which some should be done before we lose these last sunny days. I have so much cleaning and de-cluttering to do. I don't have the time to do anything! Just work work work, then by the time I get home I'm so exhausted and my back hurts way to much to move, I usually just go to bed when I get home. I can't wait until I go on mat leave. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, I'm going to talk to her about everything get some opinions as to when I should go off, mom is pushing me for he end of October! I wish I could but we need the money so badly, I can't possibly get things done if I don't have any extra cash for it. I figured November 11th, that way it leave me with a few weeks to get all my necessary work done. I guess we will see what she says tomorrow.

To organize my thoughts, I figured I would make a to do list, and if I publish it here, it may force me to get it done!

1. Paint kitchen table
2. Make kitchen table seat cushions- will need a trip to Joanne's for necessary supplies
3. Make/Find rocking chair seat cushion
4. Make quilt for baby (this task I need my sewing guru Mandi)
5. Clean and de-clutter room- get rid of almost everything!
6. Wash all he baby's clothes, and get everything folded and put away
7. Turn part of my room into a temporary nursery (until I move in with Phil)

I'm sure there's more, I just have to organize my thoughts- I may be adding to this later. This tasks are not easy, and extremely time consuming, Mandi said she would help with most of it, but shes going through her own problems right now, so looks like I'm mostly on my own. All of this takes money too- money I do not have. sigh. Nothing can ever be easy. But I'm going to stick my mind to it, and slowly piece by piece get every task done before the baby arrives!

Well thanks for listening to my rant. Hope your day is going better than mine.

Weekend re-cap

So once again, I am home sick in bed today. I'm hoping later on I will feel ambitious enough as to do some work around the house- god knows it needs it. On a side note my weekend was perfect! Scrapbooking crop, shopping, olive garden and just spending time with Ashley, I miss her so! Here are just some picture I snapped with my cell of our weekend adventures.

My new "Give Thanks" pumpkin from Joanne's! fell absolutely in love with it!
 Craft bag- so adorable <3

 Olive Garden lunch of course! I got the new stuffed rigatoni- so delish!

So this weekend was fun! I always find the scrapbooking crops so relaxing. I'm so happy I got to come! I promise this week I will put up some scrapbooking pics to share with you all, I love looking at different scrapbooks because it gives me ideas for my own! :)

How was your weekend?