Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Dreaming of Coats...

I am in so need of a new fall\winter jacket! It's getting cold, and nothing fits over my belly :(. I want to refrain from buying anything extremely huge or in the maternity section, so after I have the baby I can still wear it, without it looking strange. I'm going to have to o on a coat hunt, reasonable prices and reasonable sizes. Here are some very pretty coats with the new winter/fall collection from some of my fav online shopping sites.

OK, so I know this one won't keep me very warm... but oh so pretty! (NastyGal)
 This one however, should keep me and baby nice a toasty :) (NastyGal)
 Love the purple in this coat and the collar is adorable! (Betsey Johnson)
 This one would be more for fall, love the indie look! (Threadsence)
 I like this one, very practical and looks warm enough for the winter! (Threadsence)
NASTYGAL                                          BETSEY JOHNSON                                  THREADSENCE

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