Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 weeks...9 to go

I can't believe I only have 9 weeks left... CRAZYNESS. He's getting so big now, I used to feel hard kicks, now I put my hand on my belly and I can feel his entire body move. this past week his movement has gotten more powerful, I can tell he's getting bigger. Currently, he's approx. 17 inches, and almost 4 pounds! It says now he's going to be growing 1/2 a pound every week!

My OB appointments are now every other week- and soon to be every week. My back pain is getting worse slowly creeping up my back now, and there are tiny feet that have been getting tangled in my ribs. So getting very painful, and sitting on a chair at work for 8 hours doesn't help. But anyways, nothing I can do about that.

On a side note, I would like to share with you my pregnancy resources through the months.

The book called "What to expect when you're expecting." Melissa bought me this book. It's great because it walks you through week by week, and all the symptoms and questions about pregnancy month by month. This book is always with me, it has kept me very informed.

Websites I signed up for:

"The Bump" This website is great, you can create you own profile, which can be linked to your registry, a pregnancy blog, you can upload any photos. There are tons of message boards from moms across the world with any questions or concerns you might have. But my favourite thing about this website, it it has a pregnancy checklist, everything you have to do each month, you can go in and update it everyday- believe me there are so many things we need to get ready for!

"BabyCenter" This website sent me an email every week with an update on my pregnancy, it provides a 3D calendar of what your baby will look like week to week. it also has tons of links to websites you can sign up for (free things ladies!) AND helps out with name picking :)

There are so many websites out there, they are all great, but these too have followed me during my pregnancy. Also "google" is a life saver, any questions or concerns, google it!

Well there are just some helpful resources I'd thought I would share! Have a good weekend everyone :)

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