Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A pup named Lilou

Seems like I've been blogging a lot about the cats lately I want to finally introduce all of you to my pup Lilou. Shes an Australian Sheep dog mixed with a lab. She give the cutest facial expressions, and she thinks shes a cat. She protects every cat she sees it's really to cute. So here's my lu.

Lilou as a puppy

 Lilou now (well last Christmas) I just love this picture!

So that's it for the animal posts this week. I have a busy weekend coming up. Phil's coming down this weekend, and it's Lauren's wedding on Saturday, not going to lie I'm extremely excited to get dressed up! It will be a nice night out for me an Phil. AND don't forget!! HALLOWEEN on Monday!!! I have the day off!!! :)

Well talk to you all soon!

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