Friday, October 14, 2011

My Memories

So I finally tried out the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software I won over at Dreams and Drifters. It's pretty awesome I must say! I've been wanting to share these pictures with you since Philip sent them too me! You see, Phil took a kitten home and ever since they are in love <3 which I'm so thrilled about! I was so worried about him adapting to a new home, without his brothers and sisters, I begged and pleaded with Phil to take 2 kittens- that way they could keep each other company, but since he only lives in a apartment where pets are frowned upon he could only take one. They are so happy together, and watching him with the kitten warms my heart, it melts a bit every time he sends me a picture.

So this is how my first one turned out, I don't think it's so bad. Well goodnight blogland. Have a great weekend, I won't be blogging much this weekend because I'm spending it at my cousins. :)

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