Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend re-cap

So once again, I am home sick in bed today. I'm hoping later on I will feel ambitious enough as to do some work around the house- god knows it needs it. On a side note my weekend was perfect! Scrapbooking crop, shopping, olive garden and just spending time with Ashley, I miss her so! Here are just some picture I snapped with my cell of our weekend adventures.

My new "Give Thanks" pumpkin from Joanne's! fell absolutely in love with it!
 Craft bag- so adorable <3

 Olive Garden lunch of course! I got the new stuffed rigatoni- so delish!

So this weekend was fun! I always find the scrapbooking crops so relaxing. I'm so happy I got to come! I promise this week I will put up some scrapbooking pics to share with you all, I love looking at different scrapbooks because it gives me ideas for my own! :)

How was your weekend?


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