Saturday, October 1, 2011

What have the CATS been up to lately?

As you know from previous posts Miss Luna had a litter of kittens not too long ago and I've been going crazy trying to find good homes for them all. I refuse to put them on Kijiji with all the horror stories I've heard- rather not share. So far, we have only found a home for 2 of them, one of my BFF's Miss Toni Marie. I'm so happy, I hear from her everyday telling me how wonderful they are and how amazingly they are all getting along! Makes me so happy and relieved. It was SO hard giving them away, I'm not going to lie I cried a little they have become a part of me! Anyways...What have the CATS been up to lately? ... let's take a look...

My house is full of playful kittens, getting into everything, making messes everywhere they go, but this house would not be a home without them!

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