Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The end of an era...

I have sad news. A few days ago, we were forced to give away the remainder of the kittens, two of which to someone we don't even know! we were all so upset, but since dad was sick of them we had to give them away, they seemed to have gone to a good home though. But I would feel much better if they went to someone I know if going to treat them with love and respect. The house is kind of sad now, and definitely feels empty, not little pitter-patter of paws in the middle of the night, or kittens climbing up my leg while having my morning coffee. Most of all it breaks my heart to see Luna, I think shes taking it the hardest, it seems like she keeps looking for her babies, and the other day she was actually cleaning lily! Even though lily was once a baby he's twice the size of her now! So this week has not had a good start so far. :(  Here's a little reminiscing, goodbye babies :(

On a side note, last week I had my OB appt (every 2 weeks now) my last official day of work is November 4th! I and so excited, a week and a half to go! Thank god- because I can't sit in those chairs anymore, my back pain is slowly creeping up my spine :(

Well have a good night everyone :)


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