Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The day has finally arrived, I've been so pumped for Halloween all month. Unfortunately, not feeling the greatest today (not really different from any other day) But I'm gunna suck it up! No way I'm sleeping through this holiday! My mom and I were talking this morning on how there talk of changing the date of Halloween! UM HELLO, you can't just change the date of holidays that have been around for centuries, traditions year after year, definitely do NOT have my vote on that one. But onto a happier note, I have rounded together some Halloween costumes past to share, this year I will not be dressing up due to the fact I have not been ambitious enough to gather/make a costume. So I will just envy costumes past :)

One of my friends posted this a few weeks ago, this is all of us, the last year we went trick or treating!
(Grade 8 I believe)
 This is from last year, I was a pirate, costume from Ebay.
 Me slaying sailor moon, skirt was a DIY project I did last year!
 This was when I was living in Montreal, 3 years ago now.

 This was 4 years ago, hard to believe! Started with Halloween at a friends house in London.
 Then on actual Halloween, the girls and I went downtown for some drinks and entertainment.

Tonight We just plan on spending the evening at home, giving out candy, moms making a yummy chili dinner, we carved pumpkins last night, may do a few more today, I've already dipped into the candy this morning!!! Could not wait! I hope you all have a very fun and safe halloween :)

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