Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion Spotlight: Modcloth - 100th POST!

So I'm so excited to share that this is my 100th blog post! There should be a lot more, but I was a blog slacker in the past. Now however, I'm somewhat addicted. So I though I'd share with you this Fashion spotlight Modcloth of course! My friend Lauren's wedding is coming up and I'm in the market for a dress. Since I have some extra belly on me I am unable to fit into anything I own that is attractive enough to wear to a wedding.

So this weekend is the hunt. I'm spending the weekend at my wonderful cousin Ashley's. We have a scrapbooking crop on Saturday (totally geeked!) and then we will be shopping for a dress on Sunday (with a lunch at Olive Garden of course!) I can't wait. But I'm also terrified because I don't want to shop at a maternity store, I want to buy something that I might have some hope of wearing after my pregnancy. Well here are just some dresses that I fell in love with and the type of style I'm thinking of.

And! I also found this adorable clutch and a beautiful satin coat for a cold October evening!

I unfortunately will not be able to order these fabulous items, because the wedding is only 2 weeks away. So wish me luck this weekend!

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  1. Happy 100th post, Liv! We're honored to be featured on this very special day! You've picked some great pieces for your friend's wedding. Let us know if you need any extra help dress picking!

    Thanks again for featuring us:)