Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The art of Sushi

Long time no talk blog world! sorry for my short absence, I'm now on a later shift at work, and it's gotten me completely worn out by the time I get home. Yesterday however, I had a relaxing day off. First we started  the day by having a delish Subway picnic in a beautiful park in Kingsville, then made our way to a small cozy beach (which unfortunately the water was contaminated, and we could not swim) But thank god for pools! To end the evening with a wonderful meal, Mandi taught me the art of sushi making. It really wasn't as her as I expected, perhaps watching a tutorial on Youtube would teach you better, but here are some pictures we captured in the moment. :) enjoy!

So this concludes the sushi making, the best part about it, is I didn't mess up one roll! Definitely was a big accomplishment making this sushi. I encourage you all to try it, it\s a lot of fun, get all your girl friends together and just have a fun sushi making night! Well that's all for now...oh and stay tuned for pictures from the breach and picnic! I love the summer :)

we definitely made an indent on the sushi! SUSHI EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!


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