Friday, July 29, 2011

tie dye me pretty

One of my BFF's Toni Marie is throwing a Woodstock themed party, which I am totally pumped about, I love theme parties and I always become so geeked about them! naturally with less than a month away I would be planning my ensemble. (of course!) So what's a better costume then doing tie dye! HELLO!! I know I've done tie dye when I was little, but I remember nothing what so ever. Me and the girls ventured to Walmart to pick up a kit. After going over and over the instructions we finally mad our shirts, and I think they turned out pretty damn good!

First we had to pick out the design of tie dye we wanted, then crinkle the shirt.
 Next we mixed the dyes (Notice the subtle blur in the background, that would be little Lucy)
 Then we just sprinkled the dyes over the shirts.
 After a run through the wash, we have FINISHED PRODUCT :)

Sorry I haven't blog that much lately, there are so many things coming up, so stay tuned, also my OB appointment is Aug.2 so we get to find out what the sex of the baby is, so excited :D

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