Monday, March 7, 2011

The long path of Love.

Love. A strong powerful word that I believe is always on our minds. will I ever find it? will I ever be happy? whats the secret. Well the truth is love does not have a specific path, although it is a path travelled by many, each person creates there own path when it comes to love. I can only say one thing for sure, it will come when you least expect it. Sure there are many books on how to find the "right guy" or the secret to "true love" this cannot be identified by one person, each person is different and each person will have there own perspective on love. My mom always told me "all guys are the same" well I have come to learn, well.. there NOT. They are not all interested in sports, they don't all like the same food, they are not all sensitive, and most of them do not play mind games. So needless to say, if your not happy when you are in your relationship don't stay, there is a guy out there that will fit your needs and the way of your thinking... easier said than done right:? Well.. yes that's true, I can't sit here and tell you how your thinking. We are all raised on finding that perfect guy, wanting to have the perfect postcard family, that's why we are all so mind set on worrying about our futures. My mom was already married with a child by the time she was 20, so needless to say I'm feeling like I'm falling behind. I think love is a beautiful thing, and whoever is lucky to have to have it hold onto it for as long as you can, but if you can't find love put your love in other places, family, friends, pets. Or put all that energy worrying about it to build a future perfect for yourself not meeting any one's needs but your own, because true happiness lies within.

Try this the next time you have a bad thought or feeling down: look up at the sky, close you eyes, take 3 deep breaths... your bad thoughts will disappear so you can concentrate on what's important in life...yourself.

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