Saturday, March 19, 2011

A new place...

So I had mentioned earlier that I had applied for school and got into Fanshawe for Fashion Design, well the months are going by fast and I am going to have to make life changing decisions soon. I need to find a job and a new place to live, to start my new life. Non-the-less freaking out over if I am making the right choice or not, I wish I could just see into the future to see how different my life would be if I took this path. A lot of people think I can't do it, they think I'm making a huge mistake and can't make it on my own right now, my mother being one of them. My confidence is getting lower and lower as the moving date comes close, being shot down all the time on my future choices are extremely hard. But maybe if I did have every one's support this would be a lot easier, I am already making a life altering decision, and to be told it's a bad one is really bringing me down. All I need right now is support. I suppose this will just have to give me the initiative to work really hard, and prove them all wrong, but doing it in spite of the is for all the wrong reasons. I'm doing it for myself, no one else.

xoxo Liv


  1. You absolutely can do it! Your family is just worried about you leaving the nest for the first time, and they are projecting those fears onto you. But I know you will be fine, and in their hearts I'm sure they do too. I believe in you!

  2. I agree with Mandi... you can do anything as long as you try. You go girl!!! I'm proud out you and just think... you might be designing my wedding dress one day!! <3