Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lodon Progress

This has been a crazy week! Sarah and I are venturing to London this weekend because Fanshawe is having their open house, so we figured we mise well set up appointments for apartment viewings while were at it. We have 5 apartment viewings between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday, then Sunday we have 3 more! thank god, all of he houses on Saturday are close. I seriously have no idea what I am doing when it comes to these things. I've never rented an apartment before, I've never lived on my own before, and my parents aren't even helping. So thankfull I have my wonderful Sarah Smith by my side, and my loving boyfriend Phil with me, I'm hoping with the 3 of us together, we are able to make a good enough decision when it comes to life changing things.

On a side note, at the open house, I am meeting with my Fashion coordinators for the program, I'm not sure what all will entail, BUT I'm assuming we will be going over what is to be expected of my new career path. I'm so excited!!! we also have mutual friends that live in London already, so we will be meeting up with them for dinner and drinks at the Mandarin! I must say, I have never eaten there before but I look on there website today, OMG food looks so amazing, it's a gorgeous Chinese buffet! so pumped for that, and I would kill for a long island ice tea, but I will indulge in 2 days- I will wait.

Last week Sarah and I got together, planning out everything we would need for our new place, I never realized but you need A LOT when you move out. I have been saving a few things here and there since I was little, but I will definitely need a lot more.. so HELLO Value Village!! there's nothing like a good Vintage buy, or DIY would work as well, I just don't have the time right now. Here are some things on Etsy I was looking at:

 hand painted vintage desk
 set of 4 flower mugs
 perching owl light switch cover
 glass bottle vase garland

Well my blog loves, I'm off to Mandi's to sew, have a goodnight!!!

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