Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend in London.

So saturday morning Sarah and I took off to London to explore our futures. First stop was Fanshawe college. Words cannot say how excited I am for this fashion design program. We had a 1 hour information session, I got to meet with my teachers and see what the program was really about. It seems like the teachers are devoted to the students, and I think the best part of everything is that we get a few months each school year to have a Co-op placement, that is paid for! and you get a certificate at the end of the programs with 1 years experience.

Some of the projects the teacher was describing was really awesome, they do this fundraiser for breast cancer where all of the students design a bra, and they have a gathering and auction off the bras and all of the money goes to cancer. But I think the greatest part yet was the courses start from the basics, one of the things my soon to be teacher said was "imagine, coming into the program and knowning nothing about sewing, pattern making, anything, and creating these beautiful gowns that are entere in the Toronto Fashion Week, or even Project Runway! (which one of Fasnshawe's former fashion design student was on!)

Here is a picture of one of my class rooms! Just sewing machines! :)

On second note! Apartment searching is coming along, we saw some aweful places, and we saw some really awesome places, but the pricing might not be right for us. I have applied to a few more today, and they seem more promising, we may go down to London again this weekend to finish our apartment viewings, maybe we will find our perfect place!! Anyways, if you have been house hunting recently, let's here your stories, good or bad!

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