Thursday, April 14, 2011

HAWT shows I can't live without.

So for this post I decided to show you what really keeps me entertained in the TV world. Now these shows kinda jump all over the place, from suspense, murder mysteries, talks shows, chick flicks, but if those of you that know me, I'm kinda all over he place myself. so I hope after seeing his you will give these shows a shot, rather than turning the channel when flipping through what to watch, I assure you they are non-the-less entertaining!

First off we have my absolute favourite...Criminal Minds, I am so into these murder mystry shows right now, but this really isn't you typical thriller, instead of figuring the murders out through clues, they go in the mindset of the killer, and try to figure out what the killer is thinking, and what his next move wouldbe, so they are always one step ahead. The main reason why I love this show is the unique characters.

Next we have CSI, last summer everyday between like 10 am to 4 pm CSI would be on non-stop, I lived on this show! But this show is really cool because it goes behind the scenes when solving a case, how they figure out all of the clues, when they find all the clues, it's completely science.

Gossip Girl, my Monday night entertainment.Upper-east siders elite. Full of scandals, love, and most of all gossip. every time I would watch this show, I couldn't wait for next weeks show to come, each episode something insane would happen, it really keep you in shock, and talking about it with friends and family afterwards.

The Ellen talk show, which might I add I'm currently watching right now. This I have to say is the talk show I enjoy the most, because Ellen is so real and down to earth, she really relates to her audience, and geez this girl is hilarious. I would definitely say this is my favourite talk show.

The Big Bang Theory, this show I just recently started watching, but am now addicted too, you may have to watch a few episodes to actually get into it, but the characters are hilarious, and they are a bunch of nerds just trying to go through life. I can't even explain this show, I would just suggest watching it. :)

So last, but definitely not least, we have Sex and the City. love love love this show. I started watching this, probably 5 years ago, this show has great advice to all ladies that need some help with me, because these 4 ladies have been through it all. Not only are the movies absolutely amazing, but every show goes into detail with every relationship or marriage, even children, things every woman will go through in life... oh an don't forget the New York Fashion! *5 starts*

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