Monday, April 11, 2011

Shopping on the states side!

Saturday morning me, mom, justin, toni, and ashley, all set out to the states to do a little shopping. There is this amazing plaza by my cousins house has all of my favourite stores! We ended up going to Rue 21, which I got a new dress and a peacock feather headband from. Then we went to Kholes, which had everything 30-40% OFF! it was awesome, although I did see a few cute things I didn't end up getting anything. After those two stores we made a quick stop at..DSW of course! a women's shoe heaven <3 I love DSW I could spend a fortune in there...could really do some damage to the credit card, but thank goodness I didn't bring it! But I did end up buying a pair of multicolour zerbra print flatts, and a Kensie girl satchel (as shown in the picture below)

Once we were finished at those stores, we had lunch at Olive Garden! and as you all should know (in my about me page) Olive Garden is my favourite restaurant <3 I had my usual the Tour Of Italy, which include fetuccini alfredo, chicken parm, lasagna, and of course all of there entrees come with unlimited breadsticks and soup or salad (I had the soup).

After our delicious meal, we made a stop at TJ MAX, where I picked up some Saffron Tea, I needed to restock my tea collection, and not even realizing it till I got home, it turns out the tea I picked up is a vitality tea, It's a "happy tea" which means it is like an anti-depressant, It says on the box, drinking this tea is like have a Prozac, which I found pretty interesting, I had some this morning and I must say I found myself in a better mood. But not only is it an anti-depressant, It helps with acne, it's a cancer fighting agent, and an antioxidant- I call it miracle tea.

Last but not least, we headed over to Ulta, and those of you that have never been- it's just makeup! wonderful glorious makeup! I picked up some Mario Badescu products, I love there skin care line, everything is made with all natural ingredients, the face wash I use is a face scrub and the beads are actual chopped almonds, which is very good for your skin.

so this concludes my shopping adventure, I had tons of fun. let's hear about your recent purchases :)

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