Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So yesterday morning we got 2 new additions to our family! My little Luna had 2 little tiny kittens. We were so afraid because Luna is so small herself, we though that she would have complications with her birth, and there was a high risk that either her or her babies wouldn't survive, but luckily, they are all healthy, and she is a proud mommy.

The labour started Sunday evening, and with us not knowing anything about whats was going on and what to expect we consulted the web. I want to share this website with you, just in case you end up in my situation.

So she had the babies way in the back of our shoes closet, so I couldn't get that great of pictures right now because you are suppose to leave them alone for 2 days; so for now here is a sneak peak of my new additions:

So as you can see our whole family is thrilled about a new bundles of joy!!! I can't wait till we can play with them :) well ta ta for today!


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