Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Healthy me: First Week dieting.

So I started my new "diet" Tuesday. I think it's going well so far, I'm not use to eating so healthy, or even eating fruits and vegetables at all, so I have a lot more energy, and I feel a lot better about myself. I know it's only been 2 days, but I really do notice a difference. I went from eating fast food every single day, sometimes even twice a day! it was terrible, and I would constantly eat junk food. I think this diet is going to help me be more healthy, while dropping the pounds.

I also find my self experimenting with new recipes. Today for example, we really had no food in the house, all we had was this stu dad made last night with contained a lot of carbs. So what I did was take a few pieces of the beef out of the stu, for 1 serving of protein and warmed them up in a frying pan with no oil. I then took the beef out and fried up a pita bread with 1tsp olive oil until it became crisp on the outside, and soft in the middle. Then I added the beef, melted some cheese for dairy, then added lettuce tomato, fat free sour cream, and a dash of hot sauce. It was delicious! I recommend everyone to experiment with different recipes like this one, and share!

Well happy dieting days :)

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