Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Healthy Me.

So this Monday I am going to get back on my new diet, I haven't been on it since October, but when I was on it, not only was I feeling more energetic and happy, I was losing a pound a day. Now this diet is designed to make you chose for the more healthy foods in life, no you don't have to count calories, or add up points, this diet is different. It's called the Herbal Magic Diet. Now, there are supplements that go along with this diet, but I ma not taking them, and I haven't taken them before, I was just following the meal plan a losing a pound a day!

So here is the just of the diet:
2 carbs
2 dairy servings ( a couple slices of cheese would be one serving, or a cup of milk)
2 protein
2 fruit servings
3 vegetable servings
2 fats (tbsp oil or tsp butter = 1 fat)
1 free exchange (this you can either have an extra serving of any of the above, or treat yourself to a light snack (crackers, 100 calorie snacks...etc)

*you must have 8 cups of water a day* and for other drinks, coffee and tea is unlimited.

Now the trick to this diet, is you have to eat everything in the menu, you can't skip out on a serving of vegetables, or no carbs, everything works together for he diet to work.

Also, when cooking you food DO NOT USE SALT. find replacements for salt, for example, use fresh herbs and spices, and when your shopping in the seasoning section check for things with low sodium intake (Ms. Dash is a good example)

To flavour your vegetable with a sauce, again look for sauces with low sodium intake, use a tbsp of olive oil and some fresh herbs, maybe a splash of hot sauce, that's a healthy way of spicing things up.

*** A SIDE NOTE: 1 banana = 2 fruit servings and 2 eggs = 1 protein serving.
Also, a way to cheat on your carbs, if you buy those weight watchers bread, 2 slices = 1 carb.

So Monday is the day I will be starting this diet, I will let you know my progress, and show you any healthy meal ideas I come up with. So if your going to join me on this diet, good luck! oh, I forgot to add 1 more thing, this meal plan is designed for my weight range, so anone between 130-170 can follow this meal plan, If you are in a different wegith range you do get some extra servings, so just message me and I will let you know what you will need.

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