Saturday, January 21, 2012

House Love

So recently I have been obsessed with buying the little touches to make our apartment seem like home, although I have not actually gone there yet to start decorating I have been picking up things here an there- obviously not breaking the bank with anything, so there just small touches that I think would make out place cute. I was browsing on Etsy this morning and found the most delicious furnishings! Had to share, they are hidden gems <3

This vase was the first gem I came across, I just love the texture and the earth tones! 
 I know, this is a little out there, but it reminds me of a 90's Hollywood house!
 I fell in love with this piece, a bookshelf with a cottage sense.
 This <3 truly lusting after, how brightly gorgeous?
 Of course the pillow to match...
 Hammocks are something I've always been in love with, the ultimate relaxing space!
 This one is just gorgeous, love this orange colour!

Have you ever fallen in love with furniture?