Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday cakes

So mom's birthday is coming up  and I am in charge of making the cake. I've decided this time I'm going to make it from scratch- it's always easy to bake a cake from a box, but I want to add my own twist on things. So of course when baking I turn to my fav website "" here are just some ideas I'm bouncing around.

This to me is the traditional Birthday cake, but the great thing about this is it's a blank canvas, I add an any special tweaks. Recipe
This cake is a lot like the first one, which I love because again I can add some tasty surprises, however the icing recipe is a smooth cream cheese frosting (which has go to be the greatest icing ever!) Recipe
ahhhh the delicious Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, I actually just recently tried red velvet cake- and fell in love <3I thought it was just a plain cake with some red food coloring, but it's really so much more, I was extremely excited to eat it. Recipe
So this cake I find the most interesting, considering my mom LOVES pecans, it's definitely something I've never had before, especially since the recipe calls for pineapple- which might I add I will NOT add, really not a fan of pinapple, but I think minus that the cake sounds awesome. Recipe

So I think all of these cakes are wonderful choices, but I really have some fun ideas to add to them, so on Thursday when I actually make the cake, I will show you what I decided and the extra touches to make it that much better!

Happy Baking :)

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