Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: Saving Flowers

So this tutorial is similar to pressing leaves, saving them between wax paper- so I thought, why not do them to flowers? I came up with the idea while staring at my beautiful but dieing bouquet of flowers from Phil for V-day. It turned out well so far, I\m not sure how preserved the flowers will stay in the long run, but I guess we shall see I just figure this would be great for scrapbooking!

Tips: Make sure you do not iron wax paper directly, I placed a pillow case over top. Also be careful when pressing the flower with your hand, this step is done so the flower is flattened so it actually looks good when ironing.
Once I tried my sample flower (and it turned out so far) I decided to make a fun design so I could actually use the paper in my scrapbook.
 Then: wooo! finished product! Hopefully it lasts! :) Let me know how yours turned out, or if you have any tips or tricks!


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