Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Food for Thought

So a few days ago, a few girlfriends and I went out to this (new to me) restaurant call the Walkermole, it has Mexican style cuisine. Overall we had a good time the place was packed- the drinks AH- MAZING! they have a whole menu dedicated to tequila! and the margaritas actually taste like a margarita, I was thoroughly impressed.

First we had our appetizer, while slowly sipping our dangerously tequiliay (yes I made that word up) margaritas. We ordered Nachos, the dips it came with was a habanero garlic salsa- HOLY FRIGGIN HOT! a cactus salsa (my personal fav) and the black bean- which was also pretty tasty.

Then we got our entrees, this is mine, the chicken taco with tomato, avocado, onion, cheese, and lettuce with creme. I was not overly excited about my meal, I added the cactus salsa on top which was leftover from the app which made it more plentiful.
The lovely Punam ordered the burrito, which she says is pretty good, you can get any meat you want in it, she got the pulled pork which is interesting.
 Then the lovely Vicki got Enchiladas which look amazing, she says they are delicious but need more creme- I think I might try this next time!
Overall the place had a good atmosphere, we sat on the patio (was such a gorgeous day) the drinks are amazing, the prices are fair (entrees run 12-14$) Drinks are anywhere from 6-9$ and the pitcher of margaritas is 40$- but serves 8. So it's definitely reasonably priced, and they do have vegetarian options. I would go there again- but for the drinks! <3

Have you eaten at any new restaurants recently?


  1. We must go! I'm so insanely hungry after reading this post, seriously.

  2. I invited you :( next time I go to windsor for a get together, we must get together! lol.