Sunday, April 1, 2012


Just thought I'd touch base with everyone. As you know Noah's surgery was a few days ago, thankfully everything went well. We were totally freaking out because Noah's had to fast from 4 am until 9 am- with my child I thought I was physically impossible. He's just like me- eats every hour on the hour. So I started something new- I had to or his hernia would come out before his surgery started. I made the decision to put a small amount of rice cereal in his bottle- like half a teaspoon in a 4 ounce bottle- AND! to my dismay my child could hold off eating for 3 hours! we started this about a week before of course to make sure he took it properly. So after a zillion prayers my little man was calm right up until 9 am- angels were definitely with us that day.

It was so sad when the nurse took him out of my arms and carried him off, his big blue eyes just staring back at me. Nearly 2 hours had gone by and they finally called me into the room, Noah was there, safe, fixed, slightly groggy, but as expected after the anesthesia. By mid day he was nearly his normal self again, still a fuss butt, however, it was expected because of the tremendous pain he would be in for a few days the doctor said he would be "cranky" honestly, he was no different then he was prior to surgery- does this mean my little boy has been in pain all his life because of this damn thing? and that's why he was so fussy? It's just not fair. As a parent you always think, why can't this happen to me instead? But it doesn't work out that way. All I can say, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and hopefully in a few days Noah's will experience something he never did before- to be painless.

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