Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Cupcakes!

So with only one day away until the Easter bunny arrives I had a lot to do today. And one very important task on my "To Do" list is make some deliciously colourful Easter themed cupcakes...and oh how delish they are! The recipe I used is Vanilla Cupcakes found HERE. The icing is a fluffy marshmallow frost found HERE.

The fun part is decorating...

To make the cupcakes colourful, just separate batter in 3 different bowls, and use food colouring to dye- then scoop the colours one at a time in each cupcake holder (filling half way)

 To decorate, I dyed coconut green to make it look like grass (dyed with food colouring)
 This is fun fun part... gather all your favourite goodies to top the cupcakes!
 Then (the obvious part) decorate them!

Also, some more Easter fun... I helped the Easter bunny put some of Noah's basket's together today :)

Tomorrow is when we celebrate Easter, we go to church, then have brunch, then of to grammas to see tons of family  :) Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello, supermom. I used to have that Miffy.. when I was 15... haha.