Saturday, November 5, 2011

34 weeks...6 more to go!

So time is getting close, although I still have 6 more weeks to get to the 40, the baby is officially developed at 37 weeks and can come any time after that! So if you think, only 3 more weeks until the baby is ready! So crazy soon. Time has flew by, but I must say I am excited for him to come out, still not entirely sure of what to expect so I'm not really scared yet, I just can't wait to hold the little peanut in my arms! I am so happy he will be born around Christmas time. It's my most favourite and precious time of the year, and to have his first moments be around this time is so amazingly awesome!

I hope what I have shared with you along this journey so far has maybe helped you. 2 weeks ago, I though OK this is it I've gone through everything, I've felt all the different movements, I think I'm ready- but literally week to week it's like something new happens. Right now he is getting so big that I can feel every little movement and there strong- sometimes painful (depending on what he's doing) and sometimes uncomfortable. He's active everyday- but on some days more rambunctious than others. Like yesterday for example! Holy cow! that boy moved so much, it does feel like I have a mini ninja inside me sometimes. According to the books he is about 20 inches, and weighing 5 pounds! I can definitely feel him growing everyday, and fast too!
During these last months, I would suggest when going to your OB appointments, get a little notebook and jot down ANY questions you may have, because if you don't when you get in there you will forget them. My appointments are every 2 weeks now, and shortly they will be every week when we get down to the last  couple weeks.

How am I feeling these weeks? Well. I wish I could tell you I feel amazing, and look amazing with my pregnancy glow- but the truth it I feel sick most of the time, I'm always in pain because his feet get entwined with my ribs, I have an inevitable amount of pain in my spine at this point I'm ready to send him an eviction notice- but he still needs a few more weeks to develop, so I won't rush him that much!

Well anyways, that's just an update with me and the baby, thought it was about time I'd share my last weeks experience. :)

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