Thursday, November 10, 2011

A week without love.

First week with no work, you would think complete bliss? Quite the contrary. Everyone at home is miserable, we have been penny pinching for the last 3 weeks because mom has been getting ready for the shower- which means no food or not food you would eat, I've got this horrendous cough that is actually hurting my insides because of coughing so much, and I've been de-cluttering my room all week which by looking at it it seems not much has been accomplished. What a mess this week was. Maybe after the shower everyone will be in a better mood- and once this cough subsides maybe I will feel like actually getting out of bed.

This weekend should hopefully be a change of pace. All my friends are coming into town for the shower (Melissa tonight!) and even the ones that are in town I haven't seen in ages! Needless to say I can't wait for Sunday just to see old friends and catch up. Also, Phil is coming tomorrow- hopefully he can take some stress away, he usually does, and the lovely Punam is throwing a little "going away" work party for me Saturday night with all of our close friends. Should be very eventful. I hope I have enough energy to do everything, the baby is getting so big it's even hard standing for a long period of time. Well here's to the weekend! Hopefully it's a happier one. :)

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