Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm dreaming of...

CHRISTMAS! Some may say it's to early, but it's never to early for Christmas! I am so excited to shop and decorate! I want everything done before the baby comes, so I better go to it early (just in case he decides to come early!) This Christmas is going to be extra special this year with my new addition, best Christmas present in the world, and really is there a more wonderful time to be introduced to the world than Christmas! Um..No.

I have been flipping through catalogues, and browsing stores to get an idea of what to get everyone, I pretty much have most of the gifts to just come up with some funds! Here's whats going through my mind....

This teapot is adorable! I'm thinking this for my sister- I want something unique and just as smitten!
 Look at these! For my little mister!
 We will definitely need to find a 1st Christmas ornament- and a stocking too!
 Oh my! this bird! <3 <3 <3
All items posted were found on Etsy.

I mostly posted things for the baby because certain people read my blog- and they don't need to snoop! ;) On a side note, today was my last day of work! yay! so that's exciting, I am now going to really crack down and get everything ready and organized for when the baby comes, different tasks everyday- mostly packing and de-cluttering.

Well have a goodnight everyone. xo.

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