Sunday, February 26, 2012


So yesterday was a nightmare. Another trip to the hospital with Noah bird. He started getting more congested so we brought him to the walk-in clinic yesterday morning, he said he had bronchitis and put him on antibiotics, then later that day he started crying harder and harder and his hernia popped out again so we had to rush him to the hospital. Only it was slightly different this time- seemed like the doctors actually cared, and this doctor knew what to do, he pushed his hernia back in Noah was in so much pain and screamed bloody murder he whole time. It was completely heart wrenching. Afterwards the doctor ordered x-rays on his chest and tummy, everything seemed OK, he said his right ventricle was slightly inflamed but nothing to worry about, after that he has some test done for some virus where they had to put a tube up his nose. My poor little guy, he goes through so much and it kills me I can't help him in anyway. It really seems like no one understands or takes it as seriously as it is, starting to really bother me. Well I just needed to get that off my chest. I'm hoping this cough clears up and goes away soon so we can all get some rest.

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