Friday, February 24, 2012

bits & peices

It's a gloomy Friday afternoon. The snow turned into a cold rain now it's cold and damp. Me and Noah are just staying in today- well maybe meeting up with Melissa later on today- SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED SHE'S HOME!!! I missed her so, and I'm so excited that Noah is going to meet his best friend Logan (Melissa's boy) they will have so much fun together, and we definitely plan on playing miniature vogue with the children, her sister is down too and she has 3 beautiful children that I'm also ecstatic for Noah to meet. My poor little man is sick, he had his shots a couple days ago and was already starting to come down with a bad cold, I think the shots made it worse he's all congested and has a really bad hoarse cough. Breaks my heart.

These are my new kitchen pieces, I've slowly been setting up the apartment (like I've mentioned before) These are just a few cute things that brighten up our non so cheerful kitchen. On a side note- you're never going to guess what happened to me yesterday, I finally decide to bring my car in for an oil change and semi-annual inspection- which I've been putting off for months and the lady called me yesterday saying the hoist broke while my car was up in the air! My car is fine thankfully, but it has been stuck in the air for 2 days because she couldn't get anyone to come and fix it on such short notice. Then of course once they do I receive another call saying I need my tire replaced because there is an unfix-able hole. Just my luck I suppose.
Anyways, those were just some pictures that have been collecting on my camera for some time now. Hope you all have a god weekend :)

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