Monday, February 20, 2012

Music's past: IV

This one came out a few years back, it has been on my blog once before, we have Only Girl by Rhianna. The memory that attaches it this song is with my cousin Ashley at one of the scrapbooking crops we attend. You see, the ladies that attend these scrapbooking crops are typical housewives that when looking at them you think they are probably not the "type"of person to listen to Rhianna- let alone start singing alone to the song. With this one, the whole weekend crop- 72 hours, they were debating one line in the song, the very first one- they came up with so many lines for this song me and Ashley couldn't help but to laugh. Line: I want you to love me like a ___________, the answers that came up was pot pie, hot pie, some did say hot ride (which is the correct answer!)

So we weren't making fun of these housewives, believe me I am not the  one to get lyrics right! Half the time I make them up myself- but the beauty with that is I only sing to Noah and he doesn't care!

Have a lovely day :)

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