Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion Spotlight: Spool No.72

I was recently told by a dearest lady, how I should mention this online shop on the blog... and obviously with my shopping habit, and I never hearing about this shop until now I had to have a gander. Of course it was amazing- and of course I must share! Spool No.72 is the name, and Vintage & Bohemian Inspired clothing is the game- well it's what makes the shop! So have a look yourself...HERE. As always here's some of my favs.

If you have any awesome shops you come accross.. feel free to share! :D


  1. Your blog is dripping with lovely things! Do you have a lookbook?

    MeOhMy xx
    ~Follow me, and I'll follow you. <3

    1. yes I do! and thank you :) I will for sure! at the top of my blog it says lookbook, it will bring you right to me!