Monday, May 28, 2012

Some food for thought: La Roca

This past week my grandma took Ashley and I out for dinner at La Roca, the restaurant my mom works at- being she just started a few weeks ago I've never tried it before. Don't be under estimated about the look, the food is delicious, everything is fresh- cooked right on the spot. The specialize in traditional Italian cuisine, but they also have bar & grill favorites, since it was a hot summer day the 3 of us stuck to the favorites. I had chicken fingers and fries (of course), Ashley had a grilled chicken burger with sweet potato fries that looked insanely delish, and gramma had a hamburger- which see said was the best she ever had! Now my grandma is very picky when it comes to food, so for her to say that was really a compliment!

My mom also told me that every Tuesday night is Mexican night, when they have authentic Mexican food, and of course Margaritas! I am definitely going to go back for a Mexican night- maybe the next time I come down :)

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