Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Retro Diner

Finally we are home! After a relaxing week at my parents house, of course after a insanely long drive home I do not feel like cooking so we went out! It's called Angel's Diner, we have been there before but only for breakfast (which is excellent) so we decided to try out the dinner specials. It is traditional diner/homestyle cooking- but with a twist, they add there very own spin on each dish.

 The beautiful Marilyn, and the handsome Elvis.

Don't be fooled it's not your regular burger! There's a fried slice of ham, real cheddar cheese, and the burger itself is smother in BBQ sauce... amazing? I think so...
 They are actually chicken fingers! They used tempura batter so they would fluff up and add and extra crisp.
 Mom ordered a Greek salad, which she was was delish.
 I got the grilled chicken sandwich, it came with bacon, Swiss cheese and it had a Dijon dressing (which I substituted for mayo)

It was fun, the pricing is reasonable, but they really spcialize in smoked meats, it comes the mojority of the menu, and every is fresh and cut right there, so if your ever in the neighborhood and come across an Angel's Diner- give it a go!

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