Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Outfits

I recommend you all read one of my favourite blogs, bleubird, she has the most Divine little family! I got this post idea from her, she always talks about UMM HELLO!!!! You guys need to check out this website for sure! They have designer labels at discount prices! AND! the baby stuff? To KILL for <3 So my first experience with I found these little outfits that I'm completely obsessed with.

1. Marie Chantal, Fair Island Cardigan: This little cardigan would look absolutely adorable, and keep those cold winter days at ease. Was: $104.00 Now: $45.00

2. Marie Chantal, Classic Coat: This coat I am completely obsessed with! I have not stopped thinking about it since I found it online last week. It makes me so happy, and I know my sweet little boy would look stunning! Was: $200.00 Now: $85.00

3. Jacadi, Baobab Bootie: Now, Phil is quite partial to this item, but me with the fringe fell head over heels! It's definitely a MUST HAVE on my list! Was: $40.00 Now: $20.00

4. Jacadi, Manfredo Pant: These I figure would go with any classic outfit, I consider them almost as a staple in his wardrobe collection. Was: $72.00 Now: $36.00

Even though these clothes are selling for an amazing discount, I simply cannot afford them right now, me and Phil have really cracked down, and I made my life budget- so I'm currently in the saving process until my little one is born. But, the old me would have swooped these up no matter how much debt I was in. So this is a leap for me.

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