Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time Flies.

I can't believe it, only 15 weeks to go- and it could even happen sooner! I'm now at week 25 in my pregnancy, half way through my 6th month. With my due date being December 16th I can only help but think about Christmas right now, I know it's soo EARLY! but Christmas is my favourite time of the year and this year is only going to be more special, with an extra special gift from god.

We have decided on a name, but we are not telling anyone until the baby is born. I'm so sick of people telling me I can't use that name, or ew why would you pick that. At this point I could care less what people think, it's not their child it's mine. All that matters is that me and Phil both agree- which we do. But- who knows he could come out looking like a different name, so we do have a few backup names if that happens.

He kicks all the time now, and he's big enough that I can actually see my belly move when he kicks had enough. His feet are starting to travel to my ribs though, which my mom said that's where my sister was and it was so painful. Well, there not painful yet but he's still a Little peanut right now, hopefully his feet do not get intertwined with my ribcage- OUCH!

This week I read I should start to feel hiccups now, so crazy- but I always wondered does it feel like, a kick? So I asked one of my prego friends, and she said that it feels like her belly has hiccups, and they would be a consistent feeling, like 3 hiccups in a row! She said its also a good way to tell which way the baby is positioned, wherever you can feel the hiccups with your hand thats where the baby's back is.

Well that's the update on my little man. Today is my OB appontment, so we will see how that goes. Happy 1st day of school everyone :)


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